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Special camouflage paint with 4 Jap flags on tank. I had recovered this 80 wing from a covered shed in NE Penna and decided NOT to restore it to its former Glory. Paying $200.00 for it, I had nothing to loose, the faring was banged up as well as the bags and a slight dent in the down tube from the left crash head guard. (after the crash, the previous owner rode it for another 4 years and 40K, no problems)  So, I repainted it all, got her running well, (that was easy) and decided to change her in to a Politically UNCORRECT head turner. Just remember, the Japs started at Pearl Harbor, Killing 3500. It ended at Nagasaki. So they sow the wind and reaped the wirlwind.

Here it is, new  tires, front and rear, engine looks rough, runs good, new rear seal on rear drive, new fork seals on front, front brakes work great, rear is iffy, probable needs a Master cylinder kit., all chrome for the top of the bags is painted flat black. There is a new front wind screen shield, a fully decorated trunk (not shown) painted trunk, etc  is flat black, spray paint camouflage olive Drab, I masked out and airbrushed the teeth and eyes after researching the Web for P-40 Curtiss War Hawks, (The P-40 Curtis Hawk, was developed in 1939 and was flown in all theaters of WW2, and is famous for it part against the Japanese in China and Burma when it had Chinese symbols and was flown by the AVG (American Volunteer Group). Painted stencils say, “PROP DANGER, AV GAS 84, NO STEP, AAAF 434362743”, “TOJO.S TERROR” IN 2 locations, AIRBRUSHED, White USAAF stars on top of backs, front and sides as pictures tell the tail. I have the radio after market mount for the left front of the faring., the radio (does not know if it works), the front Clarion Speakers, and the rear trunk. Also the red warning light comes on for the rear shocks about a hour after filling with air so I think some work needs to be done on the “O” rings leading to the rear shocks. All the lights gauges, turns signals work and the fan works….I think this handles very nice, and is not as “clunky” as my 84 GL1200 Aspencade. Engine is smooth and runs good. Please note that this is NOT a perfect bike on on the surface ON PURPOSE, the oil and fluids have been changed and it has been driven for 300 miles since its recovery

Some of the chrome parts have a “Patina of Rust” and the Aluminum parts some minor Patina of corrosion to help look the part of a 60 Year old aircraft. There are NO GL1100 insignias left on the machine except the valve covers.

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1968 Triumph T100C Tiger For sale at a great price, 95% restored for $4600, Located Near Scranton, Pa    570 815 6294

The 1968 Triumph T100C Tiger motorcycle was part of a complete line of small and mid-size motorcycles that Triumph built throughout the 1950s and 1960s. This line was aimed specifically at the first-time rider.

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According to the speedometer, the bike has only 12,000 +- miles. When I found it residing in the Mid-Ohio Motorcycle Flea Market, I had to have this bike. I inspected it, road it around the flea market and found the rusty old bike with a strong original engine. What was nicer, was all of the wiring, was original. Not “cobbled” or altered but all in one piece. The tank and fenders were a sight, rusty, dull black  and totally unappealing. However, it was the identical motorcycle that I had in the late 1960’s while stationed in San Diego with the U.S. Navy.  At that time, I had plenty of weekend days to explore southern California’s mountains, coastline and deserts.                        I remember the bike as strong and dependable and spent many of hours on the saddle exploring and commuting to the Navy base. So Far, my riding  on this bike has been limited to short hops on the road and through the back woods paths. It sure is a fun ride. When the movie “The Great Escape” with Steve McQueen riding a triumph, it was this bike. As of this date,   April 4 2010,  the finish work that needs to be done is the polishing of the chain cases, new pet cocks for fuel (leak slightly). There is a New Dunlop Trials  Tire on the rear, and a 50% good Dunlop on the front. The Tach cable needs a new insert. I did the painting myself, with Lacquer Metallic Green tank, center trim on the fenders and silver and gold stripes on the fender, Looks excellent. runs great. as of 4 12 10 I have begun to polish the right cases on the bike, looks good and spiffy. Every night, it leaves a oil droplet to mark it’s spot.