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10 degree F, what a start, but it was clear sunny. Walked up to the  top of the mtn., trimming branches all the way up. Two pairs of socks and hiking leather boots and still very cold toes.

Usual wood  fire started in the Garage (man cave). I than decided to start the PORSCHE.  as I have to take it to get painted on Monday in Scranton. I have found out, it has no chokes on the two, two barrel carbs, this makes the car hard to start. The garage being as cold as it is, I decided to use  starting fluid on the two screened air strainers.   Of course, all cars can backfire (up through the carburetors ) and it did, thereby catching the left carburetor on fire. I later installed a electric fuel pump, that seemed to solve the problem.

Rear of car where the fire was

Want to see a 70 year old man sprint for the fire extinguisher, well, that a sight. I grabbed the powder Fire Ex and ran to the rear of the car, the hood was up and the carb blazing. ZAP, I shot the carb full of powder, the back left of the engine compartment and the air cleaner.

Fire was out, the garage full of smoke and powder, (had to open the doors) and I began to dismount the left carb and clean the back of the car. 2 hours wasted. Of course it could have been worse. There was not paint or body damage.

912 Porsche 1967










New paint job and a touch up



two German machine '67 912 abd a 68 R60/2

German machine ’67 912

Back in Pa For a short time Nov 26, 2013  18 to 24 F is chilly for this time of the year. Snowing now 9 AM just in time for thanksgiving,





19667 912 and a 68 R60

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