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  This car is for sale , purchase it now for $9500   7 15 2012



Excellent example of the 1971 through 1972 El Camino Based upon the Malibu frame and running gear by General Motors. It is recently repainted in the original metallic green paint. Body work has been performed and is near perfect. There is no rust. It is estimated to be a $9,000 paint job. In a scale of one to ten, the paint is a 9 plus. All of the bumpers and the chrome have been replaced with new pieces. The front has a vanity plate that read “71 El Camino. The “vinyl” top is new as well as the carpeting. The original, green matching vinyl bench seat is in excellent condition. The truck bed has been painted to match the car. and is covered in a heavy rubber protective mat. The radio is a original and works well. There is a new battery installed. The door panels are near perfect, windows work as normal.

The engine is the dependable and strong 5 Liter, 307 cubic inch V8. The engine is all original and has no internal work performed. The mileage is estimated at 100,000 miles as the original speedometer has been replaced due to malfunction. The transmission is the standard Chevrolet unit for that year and shifts strong and positive.. All of the running gear is original, The car performs very well and is a solid and comfortable ride. The engine is fed by a standard two barrel carburetor but the exhaust has dual pipes with deep, throaty, non-stock mufflers. The sound is a pleasure to hear. The original air pollution system with pump has been removed to improve performance.

Original 14 inch tires and rims have been replaced with 15 in chrome wheels and dresser tires. The effect is outstanding as well as functional. Some minor rust is evident on the rims and is noticeable at about one foot distance, The El Camino is stored inside all the time and never driven in the wet.

This car can be driven anywhere in the USA after purchase, We are about to start detailing the engine compartment and engine as of April 2010 the final price will be adjusted at that time.

Price FOB Scranton, Pennsylvania $14,500

Shipping and transportation can be arranged to suit individual needs


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