I have too many Bikes and Cars. Over 8 or 9 combined and when I saw this real diamond in the rough, all it needed was some cutting to make the diamond shine. Some little cosmetics, I just had to have it.

Only 24k on the bike. What a deal, very low miles on this bike, It has a New York title and I have not had it long enough to transfer it over to PA.

R75/5 TOASTER BMW 1973 SCRANTON, PA 120 miles from Philly and NYC 24000 miles I was told that Hermy’s rebuilt the engine. The engine starts and runs like a complete new one. I have had a new R90 from the same year and it starts and runs like new

Well, it was cold in October when I got a call from a friend that a R75/5 was for sale and I always wanted one. This one was on Craig’s list near Elmira, New York.

We hopped into a car added the trailer, some candy bars, a few waters and left from Scranton, Pa . A mere 3 hours away. It was really blowing and the wind was a whipping. We got to the GPS address and saw the “Toaster” Just sitting in the wind and on the iced driveway.

As we approached the door swung open and this older “Hippie” Type guy came out, said a couple of words, and started it up and drove it over the farm road out front, through all of the gears up the road and back.

After a minute of standing out and freezing we came to a price, loaded it on the back of the trailer and departed.

During the brief conversation he stated the following.

  1. He bought it from his friend down the road, these people were really in the woods.
  2. Engine was rebuilt by Hermy’s BMW in PA, new pipes and mufflers, new battery. Looks likes rims and spokes as well
  3. he did not have time for it as he had a yard full of cars and Harleys, so his lost that frozen day was my gain, or your gain. I do sell a lot of bikes when I get special ones like this.

It really is a nice Airhead, and the people who did the restoration did a great job on the mechanical, the fenders need stripping and that is all this needs, it is a great bike, When I sell it I will cover my costs only.

OK…….. call me or text 570 815 6294,

I got her back to pa, startered it up, and the first day it wasn’t snowing put about 50 miles on it (still has the NY registration), as I have not changed it over. Realized than I have too many cars and bikes and decided that as good as this air head is, (It is the best I have driven, shocks, suspension, engine etc) I don’t need it, so I am selling it.