I was asked how many motrcycles  have I owned, the though occured to count, review and reflect. At last count there were over 36 and possible more. Problems is I forget them. For example 4 or 5 Goldwings, from a 1000 cc to a 1800 cc. IS that one or many?  An interesting question but they are all different motorcycles so any and I decided I would add them to the 36 or more.

Though impossible to get in the correct order, it would be intersting to list them for the future. As of today August 28th 2010 there will be posting to the information.

Listing of motorcycles that I have purchased and owned by chronological order.
125 cc Sears Vespa 1956 given to me by my brother Guy Fischer
150 cc Vespa GS four-speed purchasing your year high school
200 cc Tiger Cub, purchased my freshman year at RIT in Rochester
600 cc Norton twin  purchased senior year RIT
250 cc Ducati Desmo head track bike, Fort Lauderdale 1966 (this bike met its demise on alligator Alley and ended up in the canal)
600 cc Matchless Twin, Fort Lauderdale 1967, seized on the way to Lake    Okeechobee and Pistons and oil pump replaced.
500 cc Triumph T 100 C, high pipe bike
305 cc Yamaha Big Bear Scrambler this bike ended up in California while stationed in San Diego
175 cc Yamaha Enduro in Scranton
500cc 1953 BSA B33 single cylinder restored from a basket case.
900 cc 1979 BMW Airhead with Vetter faring and lowers purchased brand-new.  My son Philip and I went through New England on this motorcycle and I had an accident where I ended up in intensive care for two weeks, Philip only had a scratch on his nose
1000 cc 1977 Honda Gold wing
1000 cc 1978 Honda Gold wing (basket case)
650 CC 1982 Kawasaki KLR
1200 CC 1984 Honda Gold wing I purchased this motorcycle from my uncle Harry and drove it up from Florida on the Fourth of July it was my first long-distance trip.  It was a wonderful trip.

More to come on this I am not finished yet as there are many more to go thank you for reading my post I hope enjoy reading this as I have enjoyed writing it.  December 17, 2010

In the mean time the re will be for sale some other items:

1974 R75/6 BMW motorcycle: Purchase through a friend at a good and reasonable price, I have decided to get this motorcycle up to running and good usable condition, AS of Now, Great.