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I was a ordinary kid in Scranton, Pa. Actually living on the Elmhurst  Boulevard outside of town and taking a public transport to school, owning a BB gun, spending all free time in the woods or riding bicycles with friends and generally just inside the “Line of trouble”. When I was about 8 years old,   my uncle Harry, a Helicopter pilot during the Korean Conflict, drove up from Indiantown Gap, PA. on a motor pool Harley in Olive Drab. He gave me a ride, much to my mother’s objections, half sitting on the tank and the saddle. Down the shaded lane we went and up the winding road by the neighborhood houses. At that time we lived close to Lake Scranton on the Elmhurst Boulevard. It was quite rural and we had a extended ride. Then and there, I was hooked on to two wheels. Soon after, my brother and I were hiding a hand painted, yellow, hand me down, Allstate Vespa in the woods, so my parents would not find it. Of course, they did find out, but we survived the near beating and the Vespa was scooted away. Other motorized 2 wheeled vehicles were made, or “borrowed” for the next few years.

Later, attending high school, I began working after class, and making deliveries from a printing plant to the Capitol Records plant 10 blocks away, as often as the record mill needed deliveries. I would start the Harley Servicar, and with smoke following me from the print shop, drop off labels and return to my other duties as a printer’s devil.

After graduating from Scranton Central High in Scranton, I attended Rochester Institute of Technology. While attending RIT, I worked two jobs and purchased a well used and bent, 200cc Triumph Tiger Cub, and later a Norton Atlas 600 that got me competing in scrambles and lost. (for you GS People out there, this was before you could really get an off road cycle, you cut the fenders and added a bigger sprocket, and make a Bash plate).

My introduction to law inforcement occurred when I became  the first resident of the brand new Rochester Jail. That was when I broke up a peace demonstration on the Atlas. I was released and went back to RIT and applied myself on fear of expulsion and harmful threats from my Father.

When I graduated from College I wandered my way to Ft. Lauderdale in my 1950 Old’s Coupe to escape the cold and snow of Rochester. In Florida. I worked in printing shops and later taught 4 years of printing production and photography at Miami-Dade Jr. College. It did’t take long before I was thinking two wheels again.  I acquired and got running,  a track worn Desmo head Ducati and later a 600 Matchless twin. Both bikes met their ultimate and final nasty demise in Florida. The Duck ended in the alligator infested water along the Tamiami Trail, where it still rests after it’s death attempt on me.  My blue 600 twin Matchless succumbed to heat exhaustion around Lake Okeechobee. It’s fate was forgotten in time, after a painful ride home for both of us in the back of a sugar truck. Bikes were than out of my life for a short period of time.
After 4 years in Florida, and a divorce, and later 6 months at the Maine Endwell Senior High school as a teacher,  I was invited by the US Army to go to Vietnam. Thinking quickly about the invitation, I joined the US Navy and was spirited away to California. “They will never find you and you go from there to OCS in Newport”  Just another lie, so, after boot camp, I was stationed in San Diego where I defended , Mission Bay, San Diego, and Coronado Island from the yellow peril. While in California, I purchased a Yamaha Big Bear 305 scrambler, and later traded it for a 500cc Triumph T100C. Both were wonderful machines and I spent exciting weekends, searching for gold mines in the Sierra Madres, and Palm Springs California. and by car (my 1962 Ford Sunliner) in Cantinas in Ensenada and the Baja. Exiting the Navy after a uninspiring tour of duty on shore, and refusing re-up bonuses, at the age of 28, I returned to Scranton, Pa via a tour of Mexico and Europe. I than got married again to my wonderful wife Ellen,

In Scranton and joined the printing trades as a production manager, sales person, plant manager and later owner of a medium sized printing concern.

The house I grew up in


As part of my printing background, I solicited and printed motorcycle travel brochures, and as part of the payment, traveled extensively in European countries and South America. I have traveled abroad to 4 continents did over 18 trips, Many were solo except for a map and later a GPS for company.
Currently I ride a late model R1200RT. My 30 x 90 garage has 4 bikes and 3 antique cars, it’s oldest resident, a 1933 R11 BMW, and the latest resident is a 1974 TR6. Now updated to a 67 Ford Bronco and a MGB of 1977. In addition to the 4 wheels There are new 2 R69s from the 60’s. One restored and now getting new cylinders and heads shaved as they are eating their Head Gaskets.

Currently, I am involved with site location for the BMWRA 2018 Rally, marketing and general adviser to BMWRA . In addition to being a RA Board Member. I am also a member of the Sunshine Chapter of the AMAC, Antique Motorcycle Club, a local member of the Black Diamond Beemers in Scranton, PA, a member of the MOA and the Airheads. My home is in Moscow, Pa where I reside with my wife Ellen. My second home is Daytona Beach, Bunnell where winter goes away and I ride when the sun shines.
My personal observation over the last 50 years has been that motorcycles and motorcycle friends, have been a strong force in staying creative, active and healthy. my favorite saying is “Just git ‘er done”

my 1966.. 912, sold to a overseas person, the Kellerman brothers from Amsterdam.

MGB 1977, now up for sale.