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 AH the Sunrise!


Sunrise at the Farm  Oct 22 2015

It began a warm morning in October. Up early and wanted to get a motorcycle part that were sent to my son Martin, in error (same name) by the person on EBAY.  It was a part for the Suzuki GT 550, that I had purchased at the flea market at the Barber Vintage swap meet.

Off I went and met in Watkins Glen, New York. Watkins is about 1/2 the way from Scranton and Rochester.

I took I -81 to Tioga, New York than put the GPS on Shortest distance and crossed some great New York ridges on dirt as well as great Pavement.

We had lunch at a restaurant where I took this Picture of Martin and his Boulevard

Martin Fischer and the 1204 Suzuki Boulevard

Martin Fischer and the 2004(?) Suzuki Boulevard. We met for lunch at Watkins Glen


On the return I selected different destinations on the GPS and shortest distance. I let it direct me on its own path.


Endless roads, no traffic.


Ridge after ridge with tiny communities.