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I had employment here, from my youth, starting when I was about 12, my father would take me in every Saturday to clean floors, cleans the rest rooms and generally do as I was told. When I was 16, I went to the courthouse in Scranton to get my working papers and was employed full time every summer.

There, at keystone, I learned how to operate some of the small offset presses, melted type into lead pigs for days on end, and just in general, be a printer’s DEVIL.

My Uncle, Clifton was the owner of the business at that period, having purchased this from my Father.  He was to die in a auto crash in 1962 after reselling the business back to my Father.   My father, Philip, was to pass on in the 1990’s.

Philip G. Fischer’s life was one of importance understanding and success. Ne was an admired local man with strong character.

It was a beginning of  a life of print, ink, paper employees and just plain work.


Philip Fischer and his brother Clifton Fischer, owners, In the background, operating a Kelley “C” press is Walter Mursch



Martin Fischer and Philip “Guy” Fischer inspecting a record label sheet, hot off the press. Time frame, 1970s


Operation of 2 Kelly printing presses in the 1960s. Location is the old pressroom. 321 Pear St. Scranton


Retirement party for John Byrd, one of the older press operators, circa 1950. Some of the partygoes are Howard Gilday, Bill Keib, Miss Newman, Kay Connelly and Phil Fischer


“Job Press room” in the 1950s operating, Mehiele Vertical “V-50” 14 x 20 presses. Gustafh Roesch on left press