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MY 52 MG  Without side curtins

MY 52 MG Without side curtains

Shot in September 2014

Shot in September 2014

Ok, well, I made the classic mistake, paid too much to start with and than it began.Well it sure is cute and fun to drive

so here is my estimate of the work done and the cost of the work

MGCOST.xls  is on my computer, to this date the total add on is $3,900

T his week,, wile entering a New Pertronix ignition system to the distributor,  I inadvertently decided to hook it up to both sides of the coil instead of following the diagram. POOF went the big cloud of smoke.. I am working now with Pertronix to get a replacement.

So, having a car that no longer has an ignitor system, I redid the points, condenser, added a new Pertronix coil, new wires to the plugs, new distributor cap. Walla. It runs better than ever.  Just because it is Lucas, doesn’t mean it can be good.


I will be adding a engine rebuild about 3000. But if I do it my self and do the basics, I can to do the work my self for maybe a few hundred buck..

But, I will have to pull the engine, do the offending bearings and the distributor shaft as well, also I am concerned  about the water pump shaft. I have looked into it and found out that you just buy a whole new water pump and install it about $120.00

Here we are a few days later, I have decided to do the rebuild myself, My friend, Joe and Jerry have offered to help. In order to do this, I will need to drop the an, take off the bearing caps, measure them up with Plsti-guage and then get the proper connecting rod bearing caps. As far as the distributor goes, well, there is about 40.00 worth of bearings that can be purchased.

Than I need to adjust he valves as they are a little noisy. Today, 9 18 2014, I will be replacing the standard points ignition with a Pertronics Coil and Ignitor that goes into the distributor cap area.


Replaced the bearing big end of the connecting rods. all 4 were replaced. Ver strange noise coming from the engine, something not right.


final coat of paint with radiator 9 10

Berfore Paint in the garage

Before Paint in the garage



TD on the lawn eptember

TD on the lawn eptember

2014-09-03 19.11.11I often have different feeling for life as it is to me. Recently I have been watching more movies on TV through Netflix, some are very bad, some are good. Right now into action and adventure. Seems to be a waste of time. Some book reading through THE KINDLE has also occurred and even more frequently. that seems better and less of a waste.

Recently read about an older man who commited suicide because he had “done it all” so why wait for the agony of dying, do it while your fresh and feel good. He was 80 years old.

Yesterday, the 28 of August I went out on the 68 BMW for a antique ride. I was with Val Valintin (SP) he was on the Triumph Trident. It was a fun ride and good to be on the old bike. I have put it away, spiked the gas with some 2 stroke and anti ethanol drugs. I will be taking it to Florida for sale along with the 67 R50/2 that I have just purchased from the Sarasota area and will be picking it up when I go to. Above is the R50/2 white bike it is

Cannonball start 2014 Daytona Beach Florida

Cannonball start 2014 Daytona Beach Florida

2014-09-05 09.59.06

Darryl Richman

2014-09-05 09.17.08

All riders on the beach 110 total

2014-09-04 09.08.46 2014-09-04 09.09.55 2014-09-04 14.10.16 2014-09-04 15.27.09 2014-09-05 09.27.14 2014-09-05 09.27.58 2014-09-05 09.28.40

Joe Gimple at start, later the R52 failed

Joe Gimple at start, later the R52 failed

Cannonball start 2014 Daytona Beach Florida

Cannonball start 2014 Daytona Beach Florida

2014-09-05 10.02.48

Lady Rider