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By Martin Fischer  11 22 2013


The early road

I had selected for the weekend activity to tag along with the Sunshine Chapter of the Antique motorcycle group here in Florida. Leaving from Joe Gimpel’s house in Port Orage, our group headed south to Titusville to meet Jim Busse and than ride west and south. We met Jim on US One and than went west and south. Picture of Jim

going west from Titusvilee to south we went various roads, seeing noting to exciting. We stopped to get lunch at a distinct “green” ECO resort, but it was not open for lunch, they offered cabins, lodging, food and a zip line. Nice Place, it was off on a sand road about a mile. I would like to get the name of the place and return. They recommenced another small establishment on the was to Okeechobee, about 10 miles further down the road. There we ate, and for the first time had a Country fried Ham and cheese sandwich and swap cabbage.

Yeehaw Juction rt 60 and 441 with Joe Gimpel









We proceeded to Yeehaw Juction to stop for a cooling drink at the Desert inn. Than on to Okeechobee. We stayed at a small Motel just out side of town where we relaxed until dinner.


We dined at lakety’s restaurant, where we ate late, drank beer and conversed with many antique people at the table. We were not allowed at the large table due to our lateness but we managed to make a problem of our selves.

The next day we met and left from the Travel Lodge at 10:30 and proceed to travel down the eastern side of the Lake. We saw many ramshackle trailer parks, abandoned boats for sale, some nice homes and sugar cane. I followed in the rear on my R1200RT where on of the antiques was a smoker and I took in some fumes.

Leaving early from Travel Lodge










Weary wheels at the pond’s dike

Some of the places we stopped were beside the lake.



Will we make it to the other side





and still be able to ride.?

How are we going to cross this?

next, the planned stop at the Museum. Sorry, I forgot the name, but it was a hoot. Lunch was catered by Sonny’s BarBe Que.

Mac Truck 1914

Good luck and good traveling, they went to Engelwood on the coast for another night. I left for Daytona and flew to PA .the next day. arrive at 10:30 AM to 24F. Chuck, Mike, Jim, Mac


We all seemed to enjoy the fine weather and fellowship. A good ride was had by all.





10 degree F, what a start, but it was clear sunny. Walked up to the  top of the mtn., trimming branches all the way up. Two pairs of socks and hiking leather boots and still very cold toes.

Usual wood  fire started in the Garage (man cave). I than decided to start the PORSCHE.  as I have to take it to get painted on Monday in Scranton. I have found out, it has no chokes on the two, two barrel carbs, this makes the car hard to start. The garage being as cold as it is, I decided to use  starting fluid on the two screened air strainers.   Of course, all cars can backfire (up through the carburetors ) and it did, thereby catching the left carburetor on fire. I later installed a electric fuel pump, that seemed to solve the problem.

Rear of car where the fire was

Want to see a 70 year old man sprint for the fire extinguisher, well, that a sight. I grabbed the powder Fire Ex and ran to the rear of the car, the hood was up and the carb blazing. ZAP, I shot the carb full of powder, the back left of the engine compartment and the air cleaner.

Fire was out, the garage full of smoke and powder, (had to open the doors) and I began to dismount the left carb and clean the back of the car. 2 hours wasted. Of course it could have been worse. There was not paint or body damage.

912 Porsche 1967










New paint job and a touch up



two German machine '67 912 abd a 68 R60/2

German machine ’67 912

Back in Pa For a short time Nov 26, 2013  18 to 24 F is chilly for this time of the year. Snowing now 9 AM just in time for thanksgiving,





19667 912 and a 68 R60

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