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SILVERTON on the Million Dollar Highway
Up Pikes Peak
Homemade Colorado Castle

Ballons in Gunnison


Paving the Road


12 passes, 14 roads and Paonia great travel in Colorado. We went traveling  west in the minnie winnie Motorhome (Navion).
3 bikes, 3 Beemers left Scranton via I 80  than I-70 to Kansas than to rt 50 went to below Pueblo, Co, than to the Colorado Sand Dunes National Park. The next day our travels ran up, west of  Pueblo, seeing the Castle and on up to Pikes Peak. There, rising up alongside Colorado Springs, with it peak in the clouds above 14,000 feet was the goal. Surprisingly, at that crisp and cold height of the summit, there were fruit flies, happily molesting the tourists. On the way to the top, I was stopped by the security patrol for passing up the non-passing road. We returned via Colorado Spring and the back roads as well as the interstate, skipping and weaving before a huge storm got us wet.

The three of us, Joe, Gerry and Martin stayed for two days in a KOA campground before moving on the road curvy to  Gunnison. Again, a KOA Campground where we spent a 3 day roaming the area on day trips. One trip took us to a antique, defunct, gold mine city at 10,000 feet called St Elmo. Wow, was it full of overweight tourists, small 4 wheelers and large 4 wheelers headed for the outback woods and mountains., Here, while turning around, one of our members, took a quick fall in a ditch at 0 speed, breaking a plastic part and injuring his macho pride. However, he quickly recovered and we proceeded back to a route called “COTTONWOOD PASS” by way of Buena Vista, and later Iron City. The pass was paved to the top, about 10,000 feet and unpaved on the down side. Down side led to a large public lands area. Our overall pride was shattered as we were passed on the down side by a street bike (bicycle) on skinny tires. Our speed at that time in decent was over 35-45 mph. To be passed, well, was just downright embarrassing. We descended to the  big lake, Taylor Park Lake, and than back to the campsite. overall about a full 8-10 hour ride that day. as always, it seemed, weather was great. It seems that the Colorado weather in the summer always seems to want to rain in the afternoon but never quite makes it happen. We descended along side one of the great rivers, the Gunnison, through Almont,  to the city of Gunnison, and back to the KOA where steaks were cooked just right on the grill.

Next day we head down on route 149 to Lake City, Creedy and Pagosa Springs, just a great ride through mountains and river canyons. Our final destination is Durango and the Million Dollar Highway . We disembarked in Lake city, a quaint, turn of the last century, farm and mining town. We walked a while , had great Latte’s and visited some great craft shops. After a hour we left and proceeded to Durango via Pagosa Springs. Durango was a tourist trap, so we stayed about 12 miles out at the Iron Horse Motel and took the shuttle for tourists into town. Being that Durango is a long thin town along the Animas River and route 550. (called the million Dollar Highway due to it’s initial cost a long time ago.)picture of  rt 550,     runs from Silverton to Ouray, both cities out of our great American  past.

When we had stayed overnight outside of Durango, we took the shuttle into town and went to a Irish pub, The Irish Embassy, meeting a fellow Pennsylvanian   at the      The Irish Embassy Pub | Irish Pub in Durango, Colorado

the bar. A lively discussion followed with Jim (a Drilling supervisor of pipe fitting and ourselves.  Picture is of Durango es.

We were able to enjoy all of the trip out west and look forward to additional trips.


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