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2009 R1200RT in Florida

New 2013 Blue and silver R1200RT now in my garage.

TOP Above find my 20o9 RT resting under the Spanish Moss near the Tomaka River in Florida

This  bike is the 2nd in a line, the first of the r1200rt’s that I had was an 2006 and I managed to get 135,000 miles on it. Both are Identical bikes, with the ’09 having a auto traction control on the rear wheel, the first had a auto suspension adjust. Both of the bikes had heated seats, ABS, cruise control, electric windshields and a re wonderful long distance bikes.

This is the 2nd  RT. I have owned and us a brand new 2006 for 130,000 miles. It was really an very reliable bike. The 2nd was a 2009 purchased in 2011 with 800 miles on the OD. It is a Lowered bike and now has a Corbin Leather seat that took a while to break in but now is very comfortable. I think it will not be as reliable as the 06, as I have had to replace a few (5) fuel guage strips. And, well, I dont think it will has the distance going for it. Currently it has 36,000 on the Odometer in 1.5 years.

Blue Ridge overlook 2012


Spring on the Blue Ridge

What will the next rip bring, I am going to Florida on the RT after Thanksgiving in 2012 with one Joe B. He is from the Scranton area and will be traveling down to be at a party in Cedar Key for the Wizard (Kevin Healy), one of the Iron Butt 11 days, 11,000 Miles.



The immediate destination will be our residence in Holiday Travel Park, Bunnell, Florida. (11 miles north of Daytona Beach).

Currently the Bike has 53,000 on it, doing well and I have decided to sell and get a different bike. 6/29/13


The update is that I really did, a new GT1600 that I put 300 miles on and than traded it for a 2013 R1200RT pictured above.







 ***Author’s Note: for information in detail go the the official Cannonball web site fro all the entries, winners and losers and their respective positions. Many of the participants have their own web sites that can give more information than myself.

Who would have guessed, after seeing a poster someplace in Wyoming in the smallest town in America (population 2), that was also noted for the coldest beer in town.  That I, Martin, Would be involved in the Cannonball. Yes, the poster was real and I kept a ear peeled for more news. Later that summer, in Daytona Beach, I attended a monthly meeting of the Daytona Beach BMW club. There, attending was a Joe Gimple. I had arrived a few minutes late only to hear Joe announce hat he would be entering is late 1920’s BMW motorcycle. It was there in the garage where the meeting was held and I was desirous to see the start and possible the finish of the Cannonball run this year.Above, see Joe Gimple getting ready to leave The Hilton in Milwaukee for Iowa. One of Joe’s back up person and van driver is on the right.

I than thought that I could take some quality pictures and supply them to the magazine On The Level, produced for the BMW Riders Association, a BMW motorcycle magazine.


The first day I went to Newburg, NY to find the start of the Cannonball. I found them at the Hilton Garden in Newburg. Many of the teams of riders, mechanics helpers and drivers were arriving and putting the machines in the best possible mechanical condition to begin the race.

During the first day, I was busy shooting pictures with my Nikon Digital using the fine setting for use in the  later publication for the BMWRA.

Some of the first impressions of the large crowd gathered in the parking lots of the Hilton was amazing. Just to see the vast variety of machine, BSA’s, BMW’s Excelsiors, Hendersons, Harley Davidson’s, Indians, Sunbeam, just to name some. The parking lots were ablaze with lights at night as large trailers and work trucks belonging to the contestants fired up their generators to work on the bike.

Well stocked repair and parts chase trailer


The next day the start of the event was at the Motorcycle Museum, a few miles from the Hotel. The exodus from the Hilton was an event by it’self. At 6 Am the activity began and machine were starting to leave for the Museum. Many of the machine emitted their own flavor and scent of smoke, so the early cool morning, mixed the dew with the bluish smoke and a smell of castor oil to one of synthetic lube, not a bad thing.

Joe Gimple and Mike from Daytona Beach, Florida


Daryl on the BMW and The Crane’s on the BSA off to the Museum for the race start.
Darly was later to crash on the west coast and retired from the race with a broken bone and a severly damaged classic.