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SOLD 2012 1974 BMW R75/6  42,000 miles, new tire on the front and the rear, good brakes, turn signals, and rebuilt carbs. Has the large desirable tank, this Beemer is a very strong workhorse. As I already have a 2006 Rt BMW with 90,000 miles, I wanted one that I could toss on the back of the Motor home and not worry as to it’s weight and damage to the bike. I also wanted one that would be dependable and fun to drive,  hence the Beemer. But, as well as I have it, I can always get another, so this is for sale along with other stuff.  Along with the BMW, I will be placing a 90 cc Honda Trail bike from the 1970’s. So wait for that to appear as well. Price on the BMW, with the rebuilt carbs and the shined up pipes currently is $2600.00 I know some of my friends are not happy about this, selling it, but as it seems to be more work than needed in my life, but life goes on and I have the time and the skill to make them work. Now, I have also added a new oil filter, dropped the pan and changed the oil. UPDATE 11/19/01  Beemer R75, Nice project so far, lets see what has been done on the beemer 1. Put newer carbs from Ebay on them, they are the 32 cm carb CV type, so when I had taken the originals apart, dirt and rust fell out, so I got some kits from Two jacks in Wilkes Barre and was able to rebuild one, when I got to the other, the idler screw broke off down in the carb body. Instead of taking it to Steve’s Cycle in Daleville, I sent it to BING in Kansas City, big, mistake as they wanted 12 week turnaround, NO WAY, says I. so I had the jet replaced and a washer added and returned tome for $100.00. While all of this was happening I went to EBay and bid on two carbs, Identical to mine. Missed the bidding but had a second chance offer for $85.00 per set. Bang, I got them, installed them, and after rebuilding the petcocks as they were also shot, (Yes it was Ethanol that rotted the turn off rubber inserts. ).So I added gas, hit the starter and within a few turns off it went and Idled pretty good, some tweaking and off I went down the road. Here’s what happened next. 2.   Added a Plexi Faring that I purchased direct from Bike Bandit, Installed it in 15 minutes and out on the road for a great ride. As the entire Plexi faring was super clear, it was like riding a naked bike, really neat and fairly efficient. It was great. (If you have never driven a naked bike, that is no faring or windshield, they are great unless it rain or your a cruising down the interstate.) and it comes off n 5 minutes. 3.   I contacted a friend, John A, who had a lot of experience in the matter of the airhead BMW motorcycle mechanics. He responded to my call and arrived to help with the following, the unbolting of the transmission and moving the entire transmission rearward approximately 1/2 inch. This would than enable me to gain access to the output engine shaft and therefore we could get some grease on it. (I did that with a brush and some Lubriplate white grease, surprisingly the splines were clean and good. 4.    The next thing we did on the same day was balance the carbs, that is by using hoses that connect the two carbs together to a battery powered scope that measures the air intake. That allowed us to adjust the richness screws and the idle  screws for a balanced and smother engine and increased performance. That worked but a few days later, they were more settled and need idle adjustment again. Yup, I figured that…So I will do it shortly.

Ready to ride Jan 2012

5.   STIFF Shocks, drained them of the motor oil someone had put in (PO) and I am in the process of adding 7.5 weight fork oil, that should do it. Also cleaned the bottom of the fork tubes as they were crummy with dirt, Very crummy, so, soon it will be out on the road and be tested. 6. Oil was changed in the shocks and tested, Hmmm, seems a little soft, but it did work and changed the ride. By changing the viscosity you can stiffen the ride. Also if the level is a little low, just add oil. 7. 11/28/10 Added a lip today to the top of the Plexiglas faring in order to reduce some buffeting. This seems to work good. The real test will be a 50 to 70 MPH. I am really having enjoyment fixing this R75/6 back to a good running motorcycle. It needs a seat cover, a rack, some bags, a steering dampener. That will be next. Tested the results, great. Over all, after the Thanksgiving Holiday, it has been a good Project. Now I am looking for Bags for the back and a luggage rack. I am afraid I will have to make my own rack. Also needed is the chrome headlight rim. 1 2011                Welcome to the New Year?  I have just finished Using a headlight rim from the TR4 1964 and it snapped right onto the fittings on the depressed lip of the headlight shell..and the new seat cover arrived yesterday. I have also made the side covers, out of wood, and I am figuring how to attach them. Probably they will go to new owner. 1 11 2011 Going to Florida, What was I thinking when I decided to strap two, bike togther for transport to Forida. Well it worked and here is the proof.

HONDA 90 and BMW 750

Than I fixed the wires to the clutch switch which prevents starting in gear. That device did not work, as I placed it on the center stand, Fired it up, in gear. What I did not realize, later I would suit up for a ride, fire it up take it off the center stant while running and have it leap beautifully into the edge of the work bench bending the TR4 rim and smashing the bulb. AGGGH.. it never ends. More work and less time to do it in. Fixed the headlight by adding the new  headlight, not quite right but Ok, as I may never drive it at night. Works good, just a little crooked but, well all of the parts are available. Back from Florida, with a steering dampner and a rack. Alas the homemade one is better than the bought one. Ran great for about  2,000 miles in Florida. No Problems. Added new progressive springs to the front forks and new oil, much better.   I have just gotten bags for the Bike from Boston area, everything fir fine. All pictures are now replaced. I am going to get a seat for it and maybe some progressive springs for the front. People say that the new springs will make a ne bike of it. Want to buy this BIKE Call me at 570 815 6294 The MGTD (see others posts in the BLOG) is now all apart in the garage and I am looking for the room. Problem with selling this Classic is that I can keep it and the price will never get less than what it is right now. So should I sell it or Keep it???.