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Adventure on two wheels    

What comes with it?  Plenty!  Tool box, complete set of tools, seat, tank cover, manual and owners guide, headlight guard, low fender, back rack, ex starter motor and alternator…

If you are looking for a reliable classic bike good for an investment, this is it. Price is great and these are not getting cheaper unless they are beat up and stripped. Buy it, Ride it, resell it and you will not lose money

This is one beautiful machine, owned before me by a great “wrench man” who maintained it in such wonderful condition, added all of the great extras and than wanted to buy a true “dirt bike”. His loss and my loss becomes your great opportunity to buy one of the great collector items in motorcycles.

The airhead GS was one of the finest GS’s made by BMW and was the last model to be a airhead. Thereafter, BMW, in their great Germanic mindset, decided to make the simplicity of the air cooled engine in to a oilhead. (one that now jumped up in technology and complexity). This GS 1000 has all of the great features that BMW was famous for since the 1920’s.

The pictures that are taken do not do it justice, this motorcycle is all but perfect and ready for a museum or a cross country ride. Light, nimble and quick, it has everything but the kitchen sink.

Add On’s include:

  1. Wilber adjustable shock, the spring can be adjusted to lower the seat height. I am 5′10″ and my feet are flat on the ground
  2. New High Amperage Alternator
  3. New Nissan Starter motor
  4. Single seat rack for luggage (BMW OE)
  5. Russel Day Long Seat (has the original as well)
  6. Recent gearbox refit and cir clip addition (missed by BMW, Duhh)
  7. Tank cover but not installed
  8. New front brake set up to improve over BMW
  9. Recent, shaft and spline re greased with inspection (all fine)
  10. Electronic Deer whistle
  11. Shop manual and owners manual
  12. Full Tool Kit
  13. High Fender with front guard (and the original)
  14. Heated grips
  15. New Tank Decals
  16. Headlight guard
  17. Oil cooler
  18. Highway pegs
  19. Jessie Panniers (bags)
  20. Brand new, Super duty $140  battery.

In all I figure that the electrics and the add ons are worth about $2,500 or more.    In addition, the tires are 50 to 70% good, There is no rust or dirt, the frame is clean and bright, the tank and fenders are shiny and bright no dents or dings.. I estimated that the Jessie panniers (cases) will hold at least one case of beer with ice or camping gear,  etc. The racks on the back will hold your tents, sleeping bags, fishing and hunting gear. Or put the original seat on and take the girl friend or wife on a great ride.

Please take note that the “alternator and the starter motor additions were as a replacement to original BMW parts to increase amperage to the outlets (2) and for accessory additions. The new starter was added to reduce amperage draw and spin more rapidly. They were not added because the BMW parts failed. The original BMW parts are with the parts and can be sold separately if so desired.