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Make an offer or just purchase this great upscale Brit sports car. Beats a MGB by hands down, no comparison, a gentile and refined specimen of 70’s sport car.

  I purchased the car about 1o to 12 years ago and have been doing work on and off for a few years. Since the car only had 38,000 miles on it it was in  good shape. I bought it down in southern Pa from a man who didn’t have the time or the knowledge to work on the car and so it just sat in his garage under a tarp and was piled up with bicycles.


Now it is time to move this car along as I am working on a BRONCO, 1967 and I am not using the car.

Here is the following work I have done on the car: I removed all of the old yellow paint and repainted it with the same factory yellow, Since the car had been Z-Barted (with the plastic plugs still in place) there was very little rust around, and was easily taken care of. I have replaced the rubber steering bushings and the  ball joints. The engine ran rough and was a constant problem until I cleaned the Stromberg carbs and added electronic ignition. (wonderful difference) now it is very smooth, accelerates nicely and runs great, sounds great. I replaced the header pipes and all of the exhaust before the muffler. I added a new dark brown carpet kit with sound deadener,  and a new Panasonic radio with CD player. I have redone the trunk area (again no rust) with black carpet (looks good) and painted the engine area. Red Line Michelin tires are installed and were pricey but they were the tire of choice on the original.  The bumpers are original and the rubbers that stick out are like new. Replaced the oil filter with the MOSS easy screw on type. Oil and fluids change every 2000 miles by self.

The Top and boot  look good and there was a rip in the top near the side but I fixed it so that the eye does not see it, The rear vinyl windows are good no cracks and can be seen through easily, as I keep the top down all year, it really does not matter.

The rear view outside mirror is new. The sun visors are good but there is a small crack in dash vinyl that is easily repaired. The overdrive works perfect and makes a difference in the fast lane. This car will cruise all day at 80mph. The oil pressure reads to the top when cold and above the mid mark (50lbs) when warm. The car does not overheat, always dependable. Just flushed radiator and replaced all engine and heater hoses. All of the brake and clutch cylinders are recent as well as wheel cylinders. Rocker panels replaced in 2017 and any other rust taken out and repaired. Painted with Lemon -Lime factory color and clear coated.

This car is not a perfect car but could very easily become one, it sure is a driver and a head turner. Love the color. I have done long road trips through the Appalachian mountains and gone to Florida and the Key West.

looks different in dawn light, fall picture , 7 AM
New Hoses all, flushed engine. new electronic ignition.

1968 Triumph T100C Tiger For sale at a great price, 95% restored for $4600, Located Near Scranton, Pa    570 815 6294

The 1968 Triumph T100C Tiger motorcycle was part of a complete line of small and mid-size motorcycles that Triumph built throughout the 1950s and 1960s. This line was aimed specifically at the first-time rider.

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According to the speedometer, the bike has only 12,000 +- miles. When I found it residing in the Mid-Ohio Motorcycle Flea Market, I had to have this bike. I inspected it, road it around the flea market and found the rusty old bike with a strong original engine. What was nicer, was all of the wiring, was original. Not “cobbled” or altered but all in one piece. The tank and fenders were a sight, rusty, dull black  and totally unappealing. However, it was the identical motorcycle that I had in the late 1960’s while stationed in San Diego with the U.S. Navy.  At that time, I had plenty of weekend days to explore southern California’s mountains, coastline and deserts.                        I remember the bike as strong and dependable and spent many of hours on the saddle exploring and commuting to the Navy base. So Far, my riding  on this bike has been limited to short hops on the road and through the back woods paths. It sure is a fun ride. When the movie “The Great Escape” with Steve McQueen riding a triumph, it was this bike. As of this date,   April 4 2010,  the finish work that needs to be done is the polishing of the chain cases, new pet cocks for fuel (leak slightly). There is a New Dunlop Trials  Tire on the rear, and a 50% good Dunlop on the front. The Tach cable needs a new insert. I did the painting myself, with Lacquer Metallic Green tank, center trim on the fenders and silver and gold stripes on the fender, Looks excellent. runs great. as of 4 12 10 I have begun to polish the right cases on the bike, looks good and spiffy. Every night, it leaves a oil droplet to mark it’s spot.