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The Author in Belgrade

The Author in Belgrade, Martin Fischer is a member of  the Sunshine Chapter






A quick check on Craig’s List, a fast trip to the coast of Massachusetts for some Matchless clutch plates and then New Hampshire following a leed on a barn full of antiques. Where I secured a new/old BMW for my growing  collection.

After locating the address on the GPS and prior arrangements with the owner, I arrived in New Hampshire.

There it sat, covered with barn dust, bearing a New Hampshire registration sticker from 1999. There it sat, forlorn, a little neglected but a real  barn find. Not the correct color but very tastefully done intense ivory. I got it started, took it for a ride on a dirt road. I was sold. It was tight and strong, stronger than the R60/2 back in my Pennsylvania garage.

Non matching numbers, but with a very clean aluminum engine case and a set of R60 carbs.? Could it be that the 28,200 mile frame received a upgrade early in life? Since I have a R60 in the garage, it was a easy comparison. Well, the owner, Brian and myself, got the hybrid started and I hopped on for a run up his dirt road. I soon discovered that the torque and the power was NOT A R50. had too much OOMPH, it literally flew up the road. Brian was told that the engine was all redone, slingers cleaned etc. With a engine case that clean, there could not nave been any miles on the engine after redo. 28,800 miles on the speedo is all, it rides like 28K and no marks on the forks or frame.

I returned a few days later with the cash and a trailer. It was now mine. upon receiving the paper work, reading and matching it up, I discovered that none of the registration numbers or Vin number matched (no title required in New Hampshire). Not only that, the registration was for a R60. The front plate on the BMW is under the headlight and it definitely is a r50. With the ivory paint and brown pinstripes, this is a pretty bike.

Of course that means, I will have to go for a new PA title through the courts and I can kiss about $200.00  for court and registration fees.


resting and now running

Well, you can be the judge…on this one..

I went to the PA courts and received a complete title, very easy, cost was about $100.00