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The mad craze for speed that will be generally responsible for most of the accidents.

An Accident

Life is a vale of tears. It is a drama of pain. In this chronilogical age of high speed vehicles, accidents have become common. It’s the mad craze for speed which can be generally in charge of all of the accidents. Only a week ago, I saw a very serious accident on the road that is ludhiana-Chandigarh. I was scootering down from Chandigarh. When I was nearing Mohali. I saw bus going at a speed that is high. It was being followed by a car. The car driver wanted to overtake the bus as he attempted to do this, the automobile collided against another car from the opposite direction. Both the motor cars turned turtle. Four of the occupants of the motor car were killed at that moment while another three were badly injured. People involved in the fields that are nearby to your scene associated with the crash. A few passengers regarding the bus were also seriously injured because it had struck against a tree. I really could not start to see the mutilated and bodies that are blood-stained. I rushed to a telephone booth and rang within the police plus the hospital authorities. Medical rescue party and also the police reached the location in a short time. Read the rest of this entry »