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At a Glimpse: Cannabis in Croatia

The use of cannabis for recreational purposes has been under croatian law decriminalized. Meanwhile, the application of cannabis for many purposes that are medical is legalized.

Decriminalization of cannabis for individual usage

In 2013, the Croatian federal government made a difference between hefty drugs and light drugs such as for example cannabis. Croatian legislation nevertheless indicates that cannabis, including its derivatives like THC, is unlawful, and that cultivating or attempting to sell it really is considered a felony. Such act is punishable by at the least three years in jail. But beginning 2013, the control of cannabis in tiny quantities is really an offense that is minor therefore offenders try not to face jail time, but are merely expected to spend an excellent of HRK5,000 to HRK20,000 or USD800 to USD3500, according to the extent associated with the instance.

Legalization of cannabis for medical use

In October 2015, Croatia’s Ministry of Health formally legalized cannabis-based medications for medical usage by clients who will be enduring cancer tumors, AIDS, numerous sclerosis, tumors, child epilepsy, as well as other diseases. Read the rest of this entry »