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On how to write an ACT essay if you plan on taking the ACT with writing, we’ve got a quick and easy guide to prepare you.

What is the ACT Plus Writing and exactly why Go On It?

The ACT writing test is a 40-minute test whose objective is to examine your skills written down. The optional essay test part of the ACT will present test takers with a short prompt that explains a complex issue and details 3 different perspectives on that issue.

That you take the ACT writing test as we mentioned, the ACT writing test is optional, but it should be noted that some colleges require. It is up to you to check out application requirements from the educational schools you might be signing up to when determining whether or perhaps not you’ll want to use the ACT Plus Writing. Regardless, we highly recommend you obtain versed on how best to write an ACT essay and opt for it to avoid the possibility of applying to a educational school which will find yourself requiring it.

When a school does need you to take the ACT Plus Writing, they put as much weight into this section because they do when it comes to other 4 sections of the test. Read the rest of this entry »