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Act essay writing prompts:migration to online ACT evaluation or even the reinvention of this ACT Writing component

Those of us into the test prep globe are monitoring proposed modifications towards the ACT – set release a this autumn of 2015 – for over a now year. ACT happens to be significantly close-handed about these modifications, apart from the occasional marketing-driven burst of information across the migration to online ACT evaluating or perhaps the reinvention regarding the ACT Writing component (otherwise referred to as Essay).

It’s important to contextualize these changes amidst the SAT overhaul (announced March 2014). In reality, just by the content on ACT’s site, the autumn 2015 ACT mini-redesign seems like a primary reaction to the newest SAT. See yourself:

Now, if the ACT states “clients,because they pay ACT directly for the test)” it means colleges and universities – not students and their families, despite the fact that this latter group are the ACT’s direct customers (. ACT’s concern that is primary to keep appropriate in the wonderful world of college-readiness evaluation when you look at the eyes of major organizations with entire divisions (called “admissions”) arranged across the task of assessing university readiness in possible students.

Therefore, it ought to be no real surprise that students were the final to find out the noticeable modifications to your ACT. Nearly all of our ACT pupils learned all about the future changes either from us or from a contact to Sept. 12th ACT test-takers delivered by ACT just fourteen days ago.

So what should ACT pupils know about these modifications?

Aside from the rollout that is gradual of evaluation, you can find three essential alterations to ALL future ACT test times that students should know:


The ACT Writing essay, its status that is optional already it to higher-scoring pupils just, will now be 40 mins (versus thirty minutes, like in days gone by) and certainly will need the pupil to articulate his or her position on a issue vis-a-vis three other views. What’s interesting about these views isn’t just which they represent authentic jobs people within the general public sphere could actually hold; additionally they occupy overlapping roles when you look at the sample “debate space,” usually chatting past one another in noncompeting terms. Read the rest of this entry »