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Link to walk around on the blue bronco.

(Here in NE, Pa there lives two 1967 Broncos.

One is under restoration with a new wiring harness, new power brakes, new disc brakes. radiator and now has power steering. new paint and about to get radio, interior and a convertible top.

Bronco 1967 v-8 302 and 1967 170cI 6cyl . One under restoration and the other is ??? BAD Blue baby, well, it just is. It may be for sale….needs everything but frame, engine, trans, Top, wheels and dash. Has 40K on speedo. Engine started and ran good for 2-3 minutes off a bottle.

Here in Moscow, PA, is located the V-8 orange beauty. and her cousin, bad blue.

Than there is the “Blue” baby 170 6 cyl that I have gotten from a barn. Needs full restoration, doors to tub. Got the engine started and running for 2 MInutes, Ran good and clean and smooth, ran it from a bottle, last owner said it was running when he backed it under the shed 6 years ago. Carb was clean when I took it apart.

Current price is $4000, this may be changed as I do work on it or I can also send it out for restoration which will cost 15K plus the engine or possible trans work. Than I will have 20k into it or 10,000 less that the other. It has no title but easy to get in PA . Speedometer shows 40K, started it and ran for 30 secs, cleaned carb, filed points, oiled the cylinders, added gas from a bottle and it started up. no smoke, engine sounded good and smooth. Has extra windshield Most all parts are there.

Most people don’t realize that the insturment cluster is worth $1,000, and the good top it has is worth $1000 etc. So when your thinking how much $4000 is, go look at one for sale.

You will need a whole body for it for about $10,000 frame seems ok pitted but all there, looks l1ke a small hole near the rear spring shackle

If you are serious about this unit, you can call me at 570 815 6294

Other cars for sale

77 MGB, new engine, top and interior, all new with OVERDRIVE

1974 TR6 with 50K, very clean no rust, With Overdrive, (BIG DIFFERENCE) , original miles I have had this for over 10 Years, and have replaced almost everything needed as like brake cylinders, Total front end redone, Interior carpets and seats, Flushed engine, Body repainted 5 years ago and is clean and smooth. Has Michelin Red line tires (Older) Underbody sprayed and painted 5 years ago. Repaced Electrical as needed, hydraulic brake and clutch cylinders. and I have only run non-ethanol in the engine and carbs. This is a smooth running British Cars that runs and performs like new. Top is serviceable but is kept down, has boot cover.

MGTD 1952 all restored by owner

45 horses, but is a blast to drive, all new engine and trans, tires, top etc.

OK, here is your chance to become a hero, get a Stieb, a original, from the 50’s to annoy your spouse, wow your friends and give you another project.. ALSO HAS THE BOOK…Parts are available from Benchmarks works, Sturges, MI

 my  1969 BMW R69S.

The Steib Sidecars have been  specialy built and designed to be used with all early BMW?€™s. The S-500 series will fit all BMW Motorcycles from 1950 to 1969. It will fit with no modifications to the following BMW models : R51/2. R51/3. R67. R68. R69. R69S. R50/2. R60/2. It also can be used for later BMW of the /5. /6 and /7 series with the use of a special subframe.

I have seen some Steib S-500 Sidecars attached to other vintage motorcycles as NORTON. TRIUMPH. URAL. CHANG-JIANG and many more


Heck, I don’t know what it is worth but there are all of the arts and new pieces for the trim. The Aluminum is in good shape, and the car is complete including the seat . The only Part that needs fixing is the panel under the luggage compartment, a straight piece of metal welded in < ( I got a price for $250)

Also happen to have a R69s that it fits on, at this time it is 19K, what a great combination, TWO Original, that go together.


You can call me at 570 815 6294, it is Located in Moscow, Pa. (northeast, PA) or email me at

So, I think it may be worth about $4,000 USD as it is a easy restoration and original, Yes it has a number plate on it and it says it is a 500 and the date is 1952.. IF you want me tor weld, and restore it, I can do that for a price.

a windshield and cockpit cover

Frame Picture does not show it all, but it is all there., complete best that I can determine…call me on it.. Or I can restore it and attach it to the R69S  that is restored.