OK, here is your chance to become a hero, get a Stieb, a original, from the 50’s to annoy your spouse, wow your friends and give you another project.. ALSO HAS THE BOOK…Parts are available from Benchmarks works, Sturges, MI

 my  1969 BMW R69S.

The Steib Sidecars have been  specialy built and designed to be used with all early BMW?€™s. The S-500 series will fit all BMW Motorcycles from 1950 to 1969. It will fit with no modifications to the following BMW models : R51/2. R51/3. R67. R68. R69. R69S. R50/2. R60/2. It also can be used for later BMW of the /5. /6 and /7 series with the use of a special subframe.

I have seen some Steib S-500 Sidecars attached to other vintage motorcycles as NORTON. TRIUMPH. URAL. CHANG-JIANG and many more


Heck, I don’t know what it is worth but there are all of the arts and new pieces for the trim. The Aluminum is in good shape, and the car is complete including the seat . The only Part that needs fixing is the panel under the luggage compartment, a straight piece of metal welded in < ( I got a price for $250)

Also happen to have a R69s that it fits on, at this time it is 19K, what a great combination, TWO Original, that go together.


You can call me at 570 815 6294, it is Located in Moscow, Pa. (northeast, PA) or email me at mrtnfischer43@gmail.com

So, I think it may be worth about $4,000 USD as it is a easy restoration and original, Yes it has a number plate on it and it says it is a 500 and the date is 1952.. IF you want me tor weld, and restore it, I can do that for a price.

a windshield and cockpit cover

Frame Picture does not show it all, but it is all there., complete best that I can determine…call me on it.. Or I can restore it and attach it to the R69S  that is restored.

Pricing, 12/12/19

R69s completely restored $19,500 OBO

Steib, unrestored all parts and book. $3500 or Best OFFER, will be restored in 2020 and be priced higher, easy restoration

Delivery is available upon request

IN the snow at the house in Moscow, PA decal on the tank

!50 miles on restoration, complete 98% or 100% depending on individual. Engine, trans all redone, wheels, spokes, paint etc. Documentation available. Also a Steib side-car, 1952 unresotred available. asking $20,000 OBO,,,, located in Moscow, PA 18444, NE. PA.

150 miles on speedo, brand new, Redo by Bob’s BMW, My computers keep eating my videos of it running. Starts first kick. Was stored in Heated garage for 12 Years, when owner got the bike from Bob’s BMW, he was not able to operate the bike easily due to new engine stiffness and he had no hills to start it. So he let it sit., I got it along with a Non-restored R69s and a Steib Side car (500). The R69s Non-restored has been sold..and is living in and around Bucks County PA.

Before the strips and the tank decal

Same bike but before the large tank was striped and the decal attached.
The white stuff is snow
Yes I have the R69s Badge for the fender

THE Steib Side car. For restoration. It is available Is $3,000 too much?, Than make me a offer.

This Velorex is for Sale as well, fits a R60 or R50 Or a R69s, snap on, ready to go. $1200.00 —OBO..

Velorex Side Car, on my R60.. Same frame as the R69s . Add to the r69s in 15 Minutes. Very light and with 42 horse R69s vs the 30 HP R60. This machine will handle the Velorex easily
With the side car mounted, you can go anywhere at any time, cover included. I also have a no-restored Steib. All are located in NE, PA in heated Garage.

Call 570 815 6294 for info, possible delivery options

The R60/2 on the start up. has a new insides, including pistons, slingers etc…

With the Velorex, a great combination
Great on grass, dirt, light snow Car is $!800 with complete hook up, for R60 R69 R50

TWO R69s for sale with titles,

This unrestored one, needs mufflers, engine turns easily and great spark (new Coil) new tires, compression is 120 over 95. Carbs rebuilt, tank cleaned, It starts and runs fine, R69s, unrestored. Every time I check the compression it is going up. SOLD 11/15/19

One R69s was rebuilt by Bob’s BMW and has all new insides, slingers, bearing, etc, spokes, mufflers, headers, tires etc. new paint, coil, electrics, speedo etc….

Both Located in Scranton, PA. Call 570 815 6294, ask for Martin Fischer. Good titles,

Also there is a R60/2I bought this 3 years ago, Previous owner, had rebuilt engine with new slingers and all parts replaced as needed including bearings and insides. New rings and pistons, I have put about 500 miles on it and than added the very light and easy to attach, detach, The Name of the rebuilder will be given to the new owner so they can check and see what was done on the engine.

ALSO Velorex side car. All of the fittings are for the R60/2 so it is a snap on and off takes about 15 minutes. price is $$1800 USD

R60/2 Engine is very strong, . Without side car rated at 80 plus mph. Tires new, starts first kick. This is not a  restoration and is all original except for the redone engine. The Earles Fork suspension make it handle very good on all roads.. Tires are new and have 200 miles on them. like Dunlop all around street.

PAINT AND CHROME on theR60/2 bike is very good and all original., Tank has been repainted and re striped. some small chips on fender rear under seat.,  no dents. Chrome rims are not perfect and have some silver paint on them in a rust area. very minor,. most spokes have been painted and look pretty good. All other chrome and aluminum very good.

Pipes, Mufflers,  Eventually will need a crossover pipe and  headers, if you wish to put high miles on the bike, right now there are holes in the crossover pipe I have patched, they can be welded or replaced. The mufflers are very new. Are clean and have no rust or holes. The sound is very good, but they are NOT the Ones that go on the bike. They are expensive. If you wish me to put new headers and crossover pipe is  about $500.00 and are available from Benchmark, Capital Cycle, Blue Moon etc., I can replace these if desired. Right now the bike is as is.

Tank has the tool door with the key

Electrics are good and work, comes with a new battery, turn signals are slow but work, new battery will make them brighter and faster. (battery is dry) not charged and will be filled and charged for the buyer.

Mileage is 84,000 but the engine has been redone as needed at 83,000. Engine strong, no smoke. I have ridden this for 1,000 miles, very reliable no engine or trans work needed.

Transmission, sounds good, works perfect and has good clutch, no missed shifts, very positive.

have had many  R60/2 and R69s, as well as R50/2.  This is the best  /2  I have had. Starts one kick and rides great. The two Denfield seats are easy on the butt, better than the Banana seat. (my opinion). Plus look classic.

More on the Velorex Side Car Since the R60/2  has 30 Horse the Velorex side car is a great addition. and is being sold separate. The Bike has the standard BMW clamp mounts added for the side car and are BMW type, not a fake after market. Take 15 minutes to attach  and unattach the Velorex. Side car was on for about 200 Miles or less, I had it mounted professionally. The side car is worth with mounting BMW Fittings and brackets about $1500.00 I will take offers on the car. after the sale or will list it separate, for sale at a later time.  With  side car will do 62 to 65 mph, though it gets a little scary over 60. The Car is set up for Back roads (High Crown) and or dirt roads. IF you remove the car. but you have to change the front fork in or out. (easy). A joy on back roads and fun to drive. Wait till the dog tries it. It is set up for a BMW R/2  will fit either of the R69’s and they have 42 Horsepower

I can deliver the whole thing for cost depending on the distance. I am retired and have the time. I have a Large Aluma Trailer that this goes on 8 x 14′ if anyone is interested in the trailer and can be part of the transport deal, carries 3 full size bikes or 1 and a side car.

OVERALL the R60/2 This is not a perfect motorcycle, but is outstanding driver and looker bike. It is a well maintained original bike. There are some paint chips on the front shocks  and fenders other than that it’s very clean. I have spent some time painting and detailing the frame so it also looks good.

As you are aware, these are classic bikes and get a premium price, with some additional detail work and the proper mufflers and headers, spokes, rims. it will sell for a lot more, nothing is needed but those items as noted.

Also I have two R69s for sale, ’66 and 68, one rebuilt, restored by Bob’s BMW, painted new chrome, pipes, headers, etc. and the other is a unrestored garage queen, that runs great with new tires on the barn. One has 120 miles on the rebuilt and restored engine and frame, the other has 40,000.

The Garage find has Patina all over, bars, tubes, paint etc, but sure runs great. Need more info contact me 570 815 6294 .   I have videos of all bikes running below.. I will be listing them later ate a different time. .Both R69s (or one) can be had for a negotiated price including a Steib side car, (needs work, is the ( Rocket nose, 500)) If you need info on any of the above get to me..Good Luck on getting thes, great bargains on the R69s..

The one R69s unrestored has turn signals but needs pipes and mufflers,  ALso the paint is chipped, no rusted metal, tank is red coated on the in side so I am currently running the bike with gas filters, non ethanol, clean oil and clean sump.

Clean PA title, R60/2 located near Scranton, Non refundable deposit as the last person on Ebay to buy this did not folllow through.

Restored R69

Above is the restored R69s, every thing new

On or off the road. Excellent cross country or local machine, can be lowered to anu height with simple and cheap “DOG BONES”. Super mptprcyclecycle with 42,000 Miles, has the following items added.. New chain ($100) NEW SARGENT CUSTOM Low seat ($350), NEW MadStadt Engineering windshield, adjustable up to 4” vertical and tilt ($350), Accessory Plug ($20), Stock Honda Bags,($400), Top case (100), Metal Hanguards ($200)., Yellow running Lights ($80). Total of over $1500 worth of accessories.

Cost new $9,000 without the accessories, selling Price of $3900. or will take a reasonable offer.

Bronco 1967 v-8 302 and 1967 170cI 6cyl . One under restoration and the other is ??? Blue, well, it just is. It may be for sale….needs everything but frame engine, trans, hard top, wheels and dash. Has 40K on speedo. Engine started and ran good for 2-3 minutes

(Here in NE, Pa there lives two 1967 Broncos. One is under restoration with a new wiring harness, new power brakes, new disc brakes. radiator and now has power steering.

Currently at “Rust to Riches” restoration company in Honesdale, PA. is located the V-8 orange beauty.

Than there is the “Blue” baby 170 6cyl that I have gotten from a barn. Needs full restoration, doors to tub.